Step 7 MicroWIN 4.0 SP9 on Windows 10 Newest (21H2) And All Windows Version

how to install step7 microwin on windows7 10

Step 7 MicroWIN V4.0 SP9 is S7 200 PLC Programming software. In this post, 365EVN shows you a new way to install the programming software for PLC S7-200 on Windows 10 x64 newest version (21H2). You can be using this way for all Windows 7/8/10 (32bit & 64bit).

Preparing To Install Step 7 MicroWIN V4.0 SP9

Software install files:

  • Step 7 Micro/WIN V4.0 SP9
  • Step7 Micro/WIN V4.0 (bin folder)
  • Simatic PG/PC Interface Update Tool
  • PC/PPI cable driver for “COM cable”

Download all the above files at the end of the post.

Hardware used for the test:

  • S7-200 PLC CPU224
  • PC/PPI cable (COM cable)

Step 1: Install “Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Server

With our computer, default the MSMQ Server does not install. To install it, please read step 1 of the previous post.

Some friends contact us that their computer does not see or can not install MSMQ Server. We think your Windows maybe not be a full OS (little OS – for improving the speed), please check your Windows again.

Could be helpful for you:

Step 2: Install S7-200 PLC Programming Software V4.0 SP9

Extract the install source (V4.0 SP9) we have a “Disk 1” folder, open this folder run the “Setup” file, and select the language -> “Next”. You will see a message “Searching local drivers for valid install…”, Wait a moment until it shows a message below

Step 3: Copy the installed folder V4.0 (bin folder)

Copy the file “Step 7-MicroWIN V4.0” to the path “C:\Program Files (x86)\Siemens” (with Windows x64) or “C:\Program Files\Siemens” (with Windows 32bit). Extract it, we have a “bin” folder inside and then you can delete the file.

Step 4: Install Step 7 Micro/WIN V4.0 SP9 on Windows 10 64-bit

  • Back to the install process with the message in step 2. Click “OK”, and a window will show “Select directory”
  • Click and find the “bin” folder in step 3. Click “OK” -> “OK” -> “Next” -> “Yes” -> “Next” until it shows a message as belowstep7 microwin on windows 10 64bit
  • Click “OK” and then browse to the folder in step 3 and delete the “bin folder” (press “Shift” + “Delete”)
  • Return to install the software process, click “Next” and install as normal. Waiting for the process to complete.

Step 5: Update PG/PC Interface, Install PC/PPI Cable Driver

After installing Step 7 MicroWIN, we need to update the PG/PC Interface. Run the tool for an update. And then, install the PC/PPI cable if you use a “COM” cable. For detail on the steps, please watch the below video.

Guide Video Install Step 7 MicroWIN V4.0 SP9 0n Windows 10 x64 21H2

If you can not watch the video above, you can watch it on my Youtube channel – Link or my video area.

Download Link
  • Step7 MicroWIN 4.0 SP9: Link
  • Step 7 Micro/WIN V4.0 (bin folder): Link
  • Simatic PG/PC Interface Update Tool: Link
  • S7-200 Cable Driver (for other makers): Link


  • On Windows 10 x64, after installing Step 7 MicroWIN V4.0 SP9, you will see the error of “pniopcac.exe” every time you restart your computer. How to fix it, please read this post.
  • “@365electricalvn: I found a workaround for this issue. I installed Simatic Manager 5.6 before Micro/Win and after that installation of Micro/Win went perfectly, without any error message. Most probably, Simatic Manager installs PNIO-Adapter (pniopcac.exe) correctly since this is the issue if you try to install only Step7 MicroWin 4.0 with SP9” (Thanks to @guitarguru from Youtube comment).
  • You can try this method on Windows 11, some of our friends tried installing Step7 MicroWIN V4.0 SP9 on Windows 11 and it can be working normally.
See you in the next post. Good luck!

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