PLC S7-200 SMART To HMI Pro-face Communication


PLC S7-200 SMART to HMI Pro-face Communication. In this post, 365electricalvn shows you: ” How to Connect Siemens PLC S7-200 SMART And HMI Pro-face Use RS485 Port” Use GP-Pro EX 4.09 and Step 7 MicroWIN SMART 2.6 Programming Software.

Communication S7-200 SMART PLC to HMI Pro-face

On GP-Pro EX programming software, we do not see the S7-200 SMART PLC in the device support list. We used the S7-200 PLC in the device support list to connect Proface HMI to PLC S7-200 SMART. And it is successful, we can monitor and control the PLC from HMI via RS485 Port.

To communicate Pro-face HMI to PLC S7-200 SMART we used:

  • S7-200 SMART to HMI Pro-face – Hardware:
    • Siemens S7-200 SMART PLC CPU ST20.
    • Pro-face HMI GP 4402WW
    • COM 9 pins (Male and Female) for communication cable.

Nếu bạn cần một bộ phụ kiện và cáp đa năng để học tập, thực hành với giá rẻ, bạn có thể tham khảo bộ phụ kiện và cáp lập trình PLC, HMI, Servo…tại 365evn (Programming cable – “All In One”): Link

  • PLC S7-200 SMART to HMI Pro-face – Software:
    • Step7 Micro/WIN SMART latest version for S7 200 SMART PLC programming.
    • GP-Pro EX 4.09 SP1 for Pro-face HMI programming.

Could be helpful for you:

Connection S7-200 SMART To HMI Pro-face On The Software

On Siemens S7 200 SMART PLC Software

  • Open Step 7 Micro/WIN SMART and create the project with the device.
  • Set the parameter for RS485 port: Address and Baud rate

On Proface HMI Software

  • Open GP-Pro EX and create the project with the device.
  • On the “Device/PLC” step, select:
    • Manufacturer: Siemens AG
    • Series: SIMATIC S7 MPI Direct
    • Port: Select the RS485 port (COM 2)
  • add-device-on-gp-pro-exClick “New Screen” and then click on “Project” -> “System Settings” -> “Device/PLC”. Set the parameter:
    • Speed: Same as the baud rate on PLC.
    • Device-specific settings set PLC Type: S7-200; Target node: PLC address.
    • Tick on “Use Tag Data” and add the tag to the list with the address from PLC.
  • Create the HMI object with the address from the tag list above. 
  • Check the error and download the project to HMI.  You can download the program via Ethernet, or a USB flash drive. Refer to the previous post for more information.  

Communication Cable Proface HMI To PLC S7 200 SMART

  •  You can buy the “MPI cable (3.5m) by Pro-face” to connect Pro-face HMI and PLC S7 200 SMART.
  • mpi-cable-use-gp-pro-exOr make the cable for connect S7-200 SMART to HMI Pro-face following the below diagram
  • pro-face-hmi-connect-s7-200-smart-diagramFinally, turn on the power and check the communication Proface HMI to PLC S7 200 SMART by try change some values on HMI and check on PLC or vice versa.

Guide Video: How To Communication Pro-face HMI And S7-200 SMART PLC

If you can not watch the video above, please check another link in my Video Area (V0050) or give feedback to me via WhatsApp, Email, or Message. Thank you!

If you have any questions about communication between Proface HMI to PLC S7-200 SMART, please comment below.

See you in the next posts!

-By 365electricalvn-


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