Download, Upload Program S7-200 SMART PLC Use Ethernet On Step 7 MicroWIN SMART 2.6


Download & Upload Program S7-200 SMART PLC – How to do it? Today, 365evn will guide you to use an Ethernet cable to Download and Upload PLC Program S7-200 SMART on Step 7 MicroWIN SMART 2.6

Download & Upload S7-200 SMART Program On STEP 7-MicroWIN SMART

Download, Upload Program S7-200 SMART On Step7 Micro/WIN SMART

Before Upload, Download S7-200 SMART Program Through Ethernet, we need some things:

  • Download & upload program s7-200 smart – Hardware
    • A PC or laptop with Windows 7 or Windows 10 (32-bits or 64-bits). We used a laptop with Windows10 Pro x64.
    • PLC S7-200 SMART. We used S7 200 SMART CPU ST20.
    • Ethernet cable
    • 24VDC Power supply for HMI, wires…
  • Software used for download and upload program s7-200 smart PLC

Programming software for PLC S7-200 SMART. We used the latest version (until now) STEP 7-MicroWIN SMART V2.6. Download it here.

Could be helpful for you:

Download S7-200 SMART Program From PC To PLC

  • Open the “STEP 7-MicroWIN SMART” software and create the project with your hardware.
  • You can set the POU or Download/Upload password for your project (refer to the below video).
  • Connect S7-200 SMART PLC to the PC
    • Click on “Communications” and then select Ethernet card for the communication interface. And click “Find CPUs” you will see the PLC address below “Found CPUs”, click “OK”, if you see a warning “Failed to connect to the current IP address. Check the IP address, the network connection” follow the next step.


    • Set the IP address for the PC. Refer to the previous post to do it.
    • Check the connection to S7-200 SMART PLC again. A message “Connected ”PLC address” shows at the bottom bar.
  • Click on “PLC” -> “Compile” to check the error. And then click “Download” select the blocks, and options (if you need them) and download the S7 200 SMART program to PLC.

download-plc-program-on-step7-microwin-smartUpload The Program From S7 200 SMART From PLC To PC

  • Open the “STEP 7-MicroWIN SMART” software, and communication S7-200 SMART PLC with the PC follow the above steps.
  • Click “Upload” and enter the password.
  • Upload the program from S7-200 SMART PLC to PC.
  • upload-program-s7-200-smart-plcSave the project to the PC.

Guide Video for Download & upload program s7-200 smart On STEP 7 Micro/WIN SMART V2.6

If you can not watch the video on Youtube, please watch it: Here

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If you have any questions about: “Download, Upload Program S7-200 SMART PLC Use Ethernet On Step 7 MicroWIN SMART” please comment below.

Good luck!

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