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365EVN Sample Project Download Policy

Hello Everyone!

  • Below links is the sample project file that I created in the articles or video on Youtube. You can download it free or for a little fee depending on the sample project. 
  • PLC programming software, HMI software, VFD & Servo software… download: Here
  • The “MANUAL PDF DOWNLOAD” for the PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo: Here 
  • All guide videos about PLC HMI, VFD and Servo programming by 365evn: Here
  • I apologize profusely for this policy. I actually really like making the articles or video tutorials like this about the HMI, PLC, Servo programming… I take the time to make the tutorials in between the busyness of my job. But to be honest, I also need to a little profit financially from the articles, videos and programs that I have created. The money you paid will also help me to rent a host and domain from this blog or buy the equipment, and components that will be used in making the tutorial or videos. Surely, I sell it at a low price, which is only 5 USD for each file (including files for PLC, HMI, Servo, Guide detail and support via WhatsApp/Zalo…) and 9 USD for two files. The sample project helps you to save time and get support from 365EVN. Of course, you can still read the article or watch the video and follow it step by step. In a general, the program in the article or video is exactly the same as the program that I will share with you.
  • For those of you who want to buy the program, please click the donate button below or the link at the file. Then email or message me a screenshot of the payment, and accompany it with the file you want. Then I will check it, if it is proven correct then I will send the file according to your request.
  • Email: [email protected] or WhatsApp/Zalo: +84.365.861.365. My local time is GMT+7.
I thank you profusely for your attention.

365EVN Sample Project Link

  • 1. Servo Delta ASDA B2 Modbus RTU Communication DOPSoft Online Simulation: Free Download
  • 2. Communication S7 1200 and WinCC Flexible 2008 – Real PLC or Simulation S7-PLCSIM: Free Download
  • 3. WinCC Delta PLC Programming – Delta PLC and WinCC TIA Portal via KepServerEX v6: Free Download
  • 4. Monitor And Control HMI Delta DOP 100 On The PC Use VNC Viewer: Free Download
  • 5. Communication S7-1200 PLC to Weintek HMI use S7 PLCSIM + Nettoplcsim & Easybuilder Pro online: Free Download
  • 6. PLC And KEPServerEX – How To Connect Delta PLC to KEPServerEX 6 Use Modbus: Free Download
  • 7. Delta HMI Controls Servo Delta ASDA B2 via Modbus RTU: Free Download
  • 8. How to setting Delta servo drive electronic gear ratio by 365EVN (detailing guide): Download
  • 9. Delta ASDA-B2 Servo Motor Position Control Mode By Delta PLC DVP and HMI – Full tutorial: Download
  • 10. ASDA-B2 Delta Servo Drive Modbus Communication Delta PLC (Modbus RTU RS485): Download
  • 11. Control PLC S7-1200 via Android App Mobile: File TIA V19; File Android Studio or Full. And APK File Free