Upgrade Firmware PLC S7-200 SMART Use STEP 7 MicroWIN SMART


How to Upgrade Firmware PLC Siemens S7-200 SMART? In this post, 365EVN shows you the steps to upgrade the S7 200 SMART PLC Firmware using Step 7 MicroWIN SMART 2.6 programming software.

Preparing To Upgrade Firmware PLC S7-200 SMART

To upgrade S7 200 SMART PLC firmware, we have 02 methods:

  • Upgrade PLC S7-200 SMART Firmware by using a Micro SD memory card. 
  • Upgrade S7-200 SMART Firmware by using the “Firmware update” function on Step 7 Micro/WIN SMART  

In this post, we guide you to upgrade the firmware of PLC S7-200 SMART using Step7 MicroWIN SMART V2.6 software, it is simple and easy to do. To make an Upgrade Firmware PLC S7-200 smart we need some things:

  • Hardware: PLC S7-200 SMART Series. We used CPU ST20.
  • Software: Step 7 Micro/WIN SMART. The latest version (Until now) is V2.6
  • Firmware file for the CPU. You can download it at the end of the post.

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Upgrade Firmware PLC S7 200 SMART On Step 7 MicroWIN SMART

To make an FW upgrade for PLC S7-200 SMART on Step7 Micro/WIN SMART 2.6, follow the steps:

  • Download the FW you want to upgrade for your device. And then extract it, we have a file *.udp.
  • Open “Step7 MW SMART” and connect the PLC. You can use an Ethernet cable to do it, refer to the previous post if necessary.
  • On the menu click the “PLC” tab -> “Information – PLC”.
  • Click “System” -> “CPU name”. Now, you can see your device information included order number, serial number, hardware and firmware revision.
  • s7-200-smart-firmware-updateNow, click “Firmware update” -> “Browse” and select the FW file you downloaded and extract (Filename extension is “*.upd”). And then click “Update”.
  • Waiting for the update firmware of the PLC S7 200 SMART to complete. Note: Do not disconnect the power or Ethernet cable during updating. 

Some Notes About Upgrade Firmware PLC S7-200 SMART

  • The firmware V2.6 only follows the CPU with article number “-0AA1”
  • s7-200-smart-plc-software-v2.6You can update an S7 200 SMART CPU Firmware with article number “-0AA0” to version V2.5.
  • Read the “S7-200 SMART System Manual V2.6” for more information.

Guide Video

If you can not watch the video above, you can watch it on my Youtube channel – Link or my video area.

S7-200 SMART Firmware Download

  • S7-200 SMART CPU Firmware V2.4: Link
  • Link S7-200 SMART CPU Firmware V2.5
  • Step 7 MicroWIN SMART & System Manual V2.6: Link

Update 08/2022

The S7 200 smart firmware update v2.7 was released with the Step7 Micro/WIN Smart 2.7. The new version was released with more new features. Download the S7 200 Smart firmware update v2.7 here.

If you have any questions about: “Upgrade Firmware PLC S7-200 SMART Use STEP 7 MicroWIN SMART” please comment below.

See you in the next posts!
-365EVN; Refer: Siemens.com


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