Set Focus An Object in WinCC – TIA Portal When Screen Changes

how to set focus in wincc tia portal

When you change a screen on WinCC (TIA Portal) to other screen. Default, it will set an object to focus. This one will show a screen “no clear” and “no beautiful”. How to “Set focus an object in WinCC use tab sequence”. This post show you the steps to do it.

The issue with “Set focus an object in Wincc” in default

Default, WinCC will “set focus” to an object when you design the interface for an HMI or WinCC runtime. The object may be a button, a switch or an I/O field…  When you change the screen, it shows you a screen “no clear” and “no beautiful”. You can see in the image below.wincc advance use tab sequence set focusThis post will guide you “set focus”  to a “hidden objectuse tab sequence. the result is the screen will more “clear”, “beautiful” when changes. Now, we start!

The software use on the post

  • The Software: WinCC Advance V15.1 (TIA Portal V15.1) on Windows 10 Pro 64-bits (Version 1903) OS.
  • The HMI use for design interface: Simatic HMI KTP 700 Basic DP. 

Could be helpful for you:

The steps to “set focus” an object in WinCC – TIA Portal use tab sequence

  • Step 1: Open the software, select your HMI and put all object (button, switch, I/O field..) for your interface.
  • Step 2: Create an object (a button). In button properties, click “Appearance” -> set “Fill pattern” (Background) to “Transparent” and “Width” (Border) to “0”.  And then click “Design” set “Width” (Focus) to “0”. Note: we recommend the size of button is small (ex: 10×10).set focus in wincc
  • Step 3: On the system menu, click “Edit” -> “Tab sequence” -> “Edit tab sequence”. On the current screen, above all objects (include hidden objects – the button created above) you will see a tab sequence number.Set-focus-an-object-in-Wincc-tia
  • Step 4: Click on the tab sequence number of hidden objects – the button created above. Change the number to “1”.
  • Step 5: Finished set focus an object in Wincc tia. When you change the screen you will see a screen “clear” and “beautiful”.

use tab sequence set focus tia portalSome notes when set focus an object in TIA Portal

  • With the way to Set Focus An Object in WinCC TIA Portal above, you can use on all screen of the HMI.
  • With the screen have a button (or more), you do not need create the hidden object. Set focus (“1”) to the button and set “Width” (Design -> Focus) to “0”. 

  • To exclude an object from the tab sequence, press the keys (Shift+Ctrl) during click on the tab sequence number. The tab sequence number will change to “*”.
  • In this post, we use the screen background, background icon are white color. Your HMI may have some difference.
  • If you use WinCC  (not in TIA Portal) or WinCC Flexible the steps to “Set focus an object in Wincc” may not the same. Please comment below your idea. 

If you have any questions about: Set Focus An Object in WinCC – TIA Portal When Screen Changes please comment below.

Have fun!
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