Communication In Between Delta DOP-100 Series HMI and Siemens S7-300 PLC

communication delta dop-100 and s7-300 how to

How do communication Delta DOP-100 and S7-300 PLC? This post guides you: “Communication between Delta Dop-100 Series HMI and Siemens S7-300 (CPU315) PLC”. The content of the post writes by Mr Adil Ishtiaq from Pakistan. Thank you very much for your great sharing.

Select the connection method Delta DOP-100 and S7-300 PLC.

  • I was using Delta DOP-100 series HMI (DOP 110WS). In its instruction sheet, there is a connection description for the RS485 dop 100 hmi and s7-300 communication
  • I used COM3 in Mode2 (RS485) for both COM2 and COM3. Since there is only one physical port fulfilling the purpose of COM2 and COM3 on Delta DOP 110WS HMI.
  • By considering the Siemens S7-300 PLC instruction sheet I found the terminal/pins for receiving/sending data pins for the MPI port. delta dop-110ws and siemens s7-300 plc
  • Connections pins that I used for communication are highlighted

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Select the connection parameters on the software

On Delta DOP-100 HMI Software

  • Software version: DOPSoft Version: 4.00.06, Build: You can download the latest version of DOPSoft V4 here.

setting on dopsoft v4

  • As described earlier I used COM3 and configured a link for SIEMENS S7 300-400 (Direct MPI). I used the RS485 communication interface for communication between Delta DOP-100 and S7-300 and the rest of the settings as shown in the figure above

On S7-300 PLC Software

  • Software version: Simatic Manager Step 7 version V5.6 (Old versions can also be used).
  • Create a project and select the S7-300 Series CPU. I used CPU 315: 6ES7315-1AF03-0AB0.
  • Go through the hardware configuration -> CPU object properties -> Interface properties (interface by default set to MPI)

siemens s7-300 communication delta dop-100 hmi series

  • Set the address of “2” (as set in PLC station value in HMI communication settings)
  • Go to the further properties of the subnet (MPI1) -> Network Setting
  • Adjust the transmission rate the same as of baud rate set in HMI communication settings i-e: 187500 bps.

setting on simatic manager step v5.6

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If you have any questions about Communication In Between Delta DOP-100 and S7-300 PLC please comment below.

Good luck!
-By Mr Adil Ishtiaq from Pakistan-


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