Select an Encoder for an application. This post 365EVN will guide you basic to select the encoder – equipment you see on very many applications from small to large, from a production machine to a system industry.

Select an Encoder – Type

  • Absolute encoder or Incremental Encoder: In normal is Incremental Encoder with lower price, easy to wiring, control.
  • Rotary Encoder or Linear Encoder: We see rotary encode use for very many applications. You can easily make support, frame for that.
  • Type of the shaft: Shaft encoder or Hollow shaft encoder, the diameter of the shaft, outside diameter of encoder… These values depending on your mechanics design.

select an encoder-incremental encoder

Could be helpful for you:

Electrical Specification of The Encoder

First to choose an encoder you need to note electrical specifications. It will affect your control panel design as power supply, Hight Speed Counter (HSC) equipment…
– Select an encoder – Out phase: 1 phase (single-phase) or 3 phases. We recommend using 3 phases, it will help you easy to wiring, and control the encoder.
– Control output: Some types of control output as NPN open collector, PNP, Voltage, Line driver… In normal we noted about NPN or PNP. To select a type, you need to follow your control panel or Hight Speed Counter equipment for the encoder. For example: If we using a Siemens PLC we select a PNP encoder, if we using Delta or Mitsubishi PLC we select an NPN encoder. In reality, you can use any NPN or PNP for all your applications, only note about your board for connection.
– Select an encoder – Power supply: Normal the encoder using DC power as 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC… Some encoders supported a wide voltage 5 -24VDC. Choose this one depending on your board.
– Select encoder Resolution PPR (or P/R): Pulse Per Revolution. Example 360PPR, 500PPR…
This value is an important value, choose it depending on the maximum input frequency that an HSC can detect for each input filter configuration on PLC (or Hight Speed Counter equipment). You can read the manual of the PLC to see more. Example: S7-200 SMART support 2 HSC up to 100kHZ (A/B phase). We will have a post guide you to choose this value.
– Other: brand, current, response frequency, cable length, torque… you can see detail on encoder catalogue.

Example About Select The Encoder 

cách chọn encoderWe SELECT AN ENCODER for a production machine as the right photo
– Brand: Omron, rotary encoder, incremental type
– Shaft type, shaft diameter: 6mm, NPN Output, 3 phases A, B, Z
– Power supply: 5 – 24VDC. – Resolution PPR: 1000PPR (or 1000P/R)
  • 1 – Coupling – support the encoder to mechanical part help you counter and calculate the length of the product, speed of motor …
  • 2 – Mechanical support.
  • 3 – Encoder
When you buy the encoder from the supplier you will have (1) and (3). Below the picture is an example select an encoder for a machine. It is an encoder and mechanical support part. It helps us to counter and calculate the length of the roofing sheet into the roofing machine.
ứng dụng encoder
You can see more about the encoder as the operating principle, construction on Wikipedia. If you have any questions about choosing an encoder, please comment below.


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