Easy Builder Pro – The Weintek HMI Software & EasyView HMI Software Download


Easy Builder Pro is the programming software for Weintek HMI or EasyView HMI. Weintek is a brand from Taiwan, some HMIs products as eMT3000/IE/mTV/cMT/XE/iER series or MT6000T/i, MT8000T/X/i series. The EasyView HMI supports more than 300 drivers of PLC, HMI, Servo Drive, Inverter… from all brand as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Delta… Download the latest version of EasyView HMI Software on  365electricalvn.

Easy Builder Pro – Programming Software eMT3000/IE/mTV/cMT/XE/iER Series

With EasyBuilder Pro software you can easily create a project for your application.

weintek-hmi-software-easyviewWeintek HMI Series

  • Excellent user interface: Editing the HMI project with tools such as privilege management, device management, and file or log management.
  • Easy Builder – Driver support: The software supports more than 300, communication drivers to connect with the PLC, Servo drive, Inverter, barcode scanner, temperature controller… from all brands as Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Delta…
  • Graphic Libraries: Easy Builder Pro provides a wide selection of applications such as water treatment plans, product machines, packing machines, plastic machines, monitoring, and management factory…
  • Easy Builder Pro – Operating supported: 32 bits and 64 bits of Windows 7/8 and Windows 10

Could helpful for you:

Download EasyView HMI Software

  • You can download the software below, please note about the series of your HMI. HMIs of eMT3000/IE/mTV/cMT/XE/iER Series using EasyBuilder Pro software. HMIs of MT6000T/i, MT8000T/X/i Series using EasyBuilder Pro 8000 software.
  • Weintek EasyAccess 2.0 Tool helps you to connect and monitor the remote HMI from anywhere in the world.

Download & Install EasyBuilder Pro V6.06 video


If you can not watch the video on Youtube, please watch it: Here
  • Easy Builder Pro 8000 V4.66: Link
  • Easy Builder Pro V6.05 (June 2021): Please download the latest version below.
  • Weintek EasyAccess 2.0: Link
  • More User Manual & software, documentation: Download page


  • A new version of the EasyView HMI Software (Weintek HMI) is available to download:  Easy Builder Pro V6.06 (August 2021)
  • Guide video communication S7-1200 PLC to Weintek HMI (Simulation without hardware)

If you can not watch the video above, you can watch it on my Youtube channel – Link or my video area.

If you can not watch the video on Youtube, please watch it: Here

Good luck!
-365EVN; Refer: Weintek.com

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