LOGO Soft Comfort All Version Download, Setup, User Manual

logo soft comfort all version download

LOGO Soft Comfort is programming software for Siemens LOGO! PLC – It is a universal logic module made by Siemens, to make the program for LOGO! we use Logo soft comfort software. Some versions of the Logo! Soft Comfort as V6.x, V7.x, and V8.x correspond to versions of Logo devices. The newest Logo soft comfort (until now) is version V8.2.

What LOGO Soft Comfort can do for you?

Logo Soft Comfort software allows you the efficient, easy and concise creation of your circuit programs on the PC. After you have created the circuit program, you can either let the system decide which LOGO! version it requires for your program, or predetermine the relevant LOGO! version for the circuit program. Particularly user-friendly functions are:

  • Offline program simulation
  • Simultaneous display of the status of several special functions
  • Extensive options for circuit program documentation
  • Display of the states and process variables of LOGO! in RUN mode

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LOGO Soft Comfort V8 for LOGO! 8 – The new generation of logic modules

Siemens Logo! v8 device series (code: 6ED1052-xxx08-0BA0) with many new features as:

  • All devices are equipped with an Ethernet port and connections, and it is compatible with previous versions. And each Logo! 0BA8 Base Module is designed with a width of 71.5 mm, the small size of a Logo! 0BA8 allows you to make efficient use of space.
  • Increased maximum I/O connections: 24 digital inputs, 20 digital outputs, 8 analogue inputs and 8 analogue outputs. It supports a 6-line display and three backlight colours: With the LOGO! the onboard display can display a maximum of 16 Western European characters or 8 Asian characters per line.
  • However, the LOGO! 8 device series are incompatible with any previous device series. To program for Logo v8, we used Logo! Soft Comfort v8

Could be helpful for you:

Download and Setup Logo! Soft Comfort v8

You can download all software at the end of the post and Full Application Examples on the above link. At here, you can see some versions: Logo! soft comfort V7.0, V8.2. If you use Logo! v8 device series you must install the Logo soft comfort V8.0 version or above. Therefore, we recommend you use Logo! Soft comfort V8.2 (the latest version) for all your devices.

logo soft comfort download

With the Logo! Soft Comfort V8.2, supports 32/64bit Windows XP/7/8/10 or SUSE Linux 11.3 SP3 (32/64-bit), kernel 3.0.76 and Mac OS X from 10.7 Lion to 10.11 X El Capitan operating system. Please follows the steps to installing LSC V8.2 on your computer:

  • Step 1: Download Logo Soft comfort V7.0 and Logo Soft Comfort V8.2 (Upgrade).
  • Step 2: Installing Logo soft comfort V7.0 on your computer first.
  • Step 3: Installing Logo! Soft Comfort V8.2 upgrade and cable driver.
  • Step 4: Enjoy it!

The guide video install logo software v8

If you can not watch the video above, you can watch it on my Youtube channel – Link or my video area.

If you can not watch the video on Youtube please watch it here.

Direct link download:

  • LOGO! Soft Comfort V7.0: Link
  • Link LOGO Soft Comfort V8.2 Upgrade


The Service Pack 1 (SP1) for LOGO! Soft Comfort V8.2 and Logo soft comfort V8.3 are available to download now. Follow the below link:

LOGO Software – Logo Soft Comfort V8.2 SP1 Download Available Now.

Good luck!
-365EVN, Refer to Siemens.com

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