Delta Servo Factory Reset – 3 Easy Steps

How to make "Delta Servo Factory Reset". In this article, 365evn guides you to factory reset the parameters of the delta servo drive in 3 easy steps.

Delta servo factory reset parameter

How to reset Delta servo drive? In this article, I guide you to “Delta Servo factory reset” in 3 easy steps. That is very helpful when you working with a delta servo motor and drive or starting with a used device. After resetting the delta servo, the parameters on the servo drive are restored to the factory setting.

Delta Servo Factory Reset – The devices used

To factory reset the delta servo drive, I used a Delta ASDA-B2 series:

Servo motor and drive Delta asda-b2
  • Delta servo motor: Model ECMA-C20401GS
  • Delta servo drive: Model ASD-B2-0121-B
  • Servo motor cable, encoder cable…
  • Refer to the document: “Delta servo drive ASDA B2 user manual“. You can read or download it here.

3 Steps to Factory Reset Delta Servo ASDA-B2

To make the delta servo drive factory reset, follow the below steps:

Delta servo factory reset – Step 1

Delta servo drive factory reset – Step 1
  • Connect the delta servo drive to the power supply, and the delta servo motor to the drive. You can refer to the previous post for the “Servo Motor and Drive – Connection basics” or watch the video on the “Servo Training” channel.
    • Make the “Servo off” by disconnecting the CN1 cable with the servo drive. Set the P2-10 = 101.
    • Restart the servo drive. Check the servo off by making the servo motor rotate by hand.

Factory Reset Delta servo ASDA-B2 – Step 2

Factory reset servo delta – Step 2

To make the delta servo factory reset, we set the parameter P2-08 = 10 (default the value is “0”)

To change the value of the parameters, we use 5 buttons on the servo drive.

Servo drive delta Asda b2 keypad

Factory Reset the Delta servo parameters – Step 3

After we changed the P2-08 = 10, restart the servo drive by turning off and turning on the power supply. All parameters on the delta servo dive changed to default.

Refer to the guide video below for the details of the steps.

Guide video – ASDA B2 Delta Servo Factory Reset

  • If you can not watch the video above, please check another link in my Video Area (SV0010) or give feedback to me via WhatsApp, Email, or Message. Thank you!
  • Refer to more videos about “Delta servo training” on 365evn: Link


With this article, you can make a factory reset for the delta servo drive parameters. I hope that it is helpful for you. Follow me on my website, Facebook, and YouTube… to get the newest content.

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