[Tips] – ISPSoft 3.14 How To Manage Variables? Easy & Quick

ISPSoft 3.14 - How to create and manage the symbol table (variables) by using the "Export and Import Symbol" functions - Easy and quick.

Manage the variables on ISPSoft 3.14 (and higher)

ISPSoft 3.14 is the latest version of Delta PLC programming software (until now). When we work on a project we need to work with variables. With a big project, the variables (symbols) are very much and managing or debugging the program with the symbols is a burden for the programmer.

In this post, we share a method to create and manage the symbol table (variables) by using the “Export and Import Symbol” functions.

ISPSoft – Local Symbol and Global Symbol table

On Delta ISPSoft we have two types of symbol tables the local symbol and the global symbol.

  • The global symbols: It can be used in all the POUs in a project, we can access the global symbol by clicking on the “Project tree” -> “Global symbols”.
  • The local symbols: It can only be used in the POU in which the local symbols are declared. We can see the local symbol table in a POU at the top of the window for the POU. And the label of a local symbol in a POU can be the same as the label of a local symbol in another POU.
Local Symbols & Global Symbols
  • However, if the label of a local symbol declared is the same as the label of a global symbol, ISPSoft will automatically regard the local symbol declared in a POU as a local symbol.

Add the variables to the symbol table

Software use:

  • Delta ISPSoft 3.14.01
  • Microsoft Office – Excel

We can be using this method for the local symbol and global symbol table. In this post, we make it on the local symbol table. Follow the below steps:

  • Open ISPSoft and create a project, click on “Project tree” -> “Programs” and add a POU.
  • Right-click on “Local symbols” (at the top of the program window) -> “Add a symbol” and enter the information of the symbol.
  • Right-click on the symbol added. Select “Export Local Symbol”, enter the file name and select the folder to save the file. Click “Save” we have a “*.csv” file.
Export symbol table on Delta ISPSoft
  • Open the “*.csv” file above with Microsoft Excel”. And then add all symbols for the POU by entering the information for all columns, saving the file and closing Microsoft Excel.
    • Require: Class, Identifiers, Address, Type columns
    • Optional: Initial Value and Comment columns
Add variables symbol to ISPSoft on Excel
  • Back to “ISPSoft”, right-click on the symbol added. Select “Import Local Symbol” and browse to the “*.csv” file edited. Tick on “Yes” for “Clear table before importing”. Click “OK”.
Import symbol table on Delta ISP Soft
  • Now all symbols added to the local symbol are easy and quick. You can try this method with a real Delta PLC or use simulator mode on ISPSoft.

Guide video simulation Delta PLC on WPLSoft & ISPSoft

Simulator mode on ISPSoft & WPLSoft

If you can not watch the video above, you can watch it on my Youtube channel – Link or my video area.

Download ISPSoft latest version

  • ISPSoft 3.15 – Delta PLC programming software latest version: Link
  • All guide videos about PLC HMI, VFD and Servo programming by 365evn (Video area): Link


Hope that with the above method, you can easily manage all variables for your project on ISPSoft. It is helpful when we use a Delta HMI connect to the Delta PLC also. In the next post, we will use the “*.csv” file exported from ISP Soft for programming the HMI on DOPSoft.

If you have any questions please comment below.

See you in the next post!

-365evn.com, Refer Delta

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