S7-1200 Firmware 4.6 Download Free – Update on TIA Portal v18

S7-1200 Firmware 4.6 Download. A new firmware of PLC S7-1200 is available with TIA portal v18. Download S7-1200 Firmware 4.6 on 365evn.

S7-1200 firmware 4.6 download

S7-1200 Firmware 4.6 Download Free. A new version of the S7 1200 firmware v4.6.0 is available to download with Siemens TIA Portal v18. Download S7-1200 Firmware 4.6 free and upgrade firmware for PLC S7 1200 on TIA Portal v18. Read this article on 365evn to do that.

S7-1200 Firmware 4.6 – Information

The S7 1200 firmware 4.6.0 is released with TIA Portal v18 (Nov 2022) :

  • S7 1200 Firmware V4.6 provide more work memory for all S7-1200 CPUs because of code customizations.
S7 1200 firmware 4.6 features
  • All S7-1200 CPUs modules of the hardware generation V4 (article number: 6ES721x-1xx40-0XB0) already in use can use this firmware through the firmware update.
  • The SNMP service is disabled by default.
  • S7-1200 firmware 4.6 is compatible with all S7-1200 hardware with firmware version V4.0 or greater. 

S7 1200 Firmware 4.6 Update – Notes

  • Standard CPUs require STEP7 on TIA Portal V18, Basic or Professional or greater to install S7-1200 firmware 4.6.
  • Fail-safe CPUs require STEP 7 Safety V18, Basic or Advanced to install V4.6 PLC S7 1200 firmware.
  • Existing PLC S7-1200 CPUs V4 (Order no. 6ES721x-1xx40-0XB0) can be updated to the CPU firmware v4.6.
  • PLC S7-1200 with firmware V4.6 is compatible and interchangeable with any hardware that has firmware ver. V4.0 – V4.5.
  • All Step 7 – TIA Portal projects created with S7-1200 firmware V4.0 – V4.5 are compatible with V4.6 firmware.
  • New version S7 1200 firmware 4.6 features are available only in Step 7 V4.6 projects (TIA Portal v18).

Instructions To Update S7-1200 Firmware v4.6.0

To update firmware PLC S7 1200 to version v4.6.0 we need:

update firmware S7 1200 v4.6 on tia portal v18
Update firmware S7 1200 v4.6 on tia portal v18
  • PLC S7-1200 with CPU firmware version v4.0 or higher.
  • Connection cable, power supply
  • Software: TIA Portal v18
  • The S7-1200 firmware update file v4.6.0
  • To update firmware S7-1200, we can use a SIMATIC S7 memory card or the “Online & diagnostics” -> “Firmware update” function on TIA Portal 18
  • Important note: Keep the power supply, and the connection good during updating the S7 1200 firmware 4.6.
  • You can refer to the previous article “Instruction update S7 1200 Firmware” or the below video for more information. I guided in detail.

S7 1200 Firmware 4.6.0 Update on TIA Portal 18

If you can not watch the video above, please check another link in my Video Area (V0180) or give feedback to me via WhatsApp, Email, or Message. Thank you!

S7 1200 Firmware 4.6.0 Download

  • S7-1200 Firmware 4.6 download – CPU1211C
  • S7-1200 Firmware 4.6 download – CPU1212C
  • S7 1200 Firmware update 4.6.0 – CPU1214C
  • S7 1200 Firmware update 4.6.0 – CPU1215C
Download S7 1200 firmware v4.6.0
  • PLC S7-1200 Firmware 4.6 download – CPU1217C
  • PLC S7-1200 Firmware 4.6 download – CPU1212FC
  • Download S7 1200 PLC Firmware 4.6.0 – CPU1214FC
  • Download S7 1200 PLC Firmware 4.6.0 – CPU1215FC
  • Older firmware S7-1200 v4.3, v4.4, v4.5: Link
  • TIA Portal v18 Download: Link


If you are using an S7-1200 PLC and TIA portal 18, I recommend you download S7 1200 firmware update 4.6 and configure it with the newest version. Have any questions, comment below.

-365EVN, Refer Siemens.com

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