We are committed that all products delivered to you and the components are brand new, unused (except use for testing, commissioning…)

The installation of used components (if applicable)must be approved by you. Our responsibility is to inform you of the status of these components.

We are committed to the products delivered to you are tested, commissioned and meet the quality requirements before being put into use.

Our products are fully warranted (refer to the warranty policy). Support for necessary upgrades (hardware, software).

We always try our best to bring you “SAFETY”, “QUALITY” and “PERFECTION” products and these are also core values that we build.


Depending on the products and services, the warranty period is different.

We notice to you when you use our services. Usually, it is one year.

Condition and method warranty

  • Products and services provided by 365electricalvn.
  • The warranty period on the warranty remains in effect.
  • The error was determined by 365electricalvn.
  • Warranty intact, not patchwork, not scratched or repair, smeared.
  • We will replace or renew (depending on the case) the damaged component (if applicable) to ensure the product works as usual.
  • Warranty period (after replacement – if applicate) is the initial warranty period of the product or service.

Refuse warranty/repair (with a fee):

365electricalvn will refuse warranty or repair with a fee in the following cases:

  • Products and services are not provided by 365electricalvn.
  • The product does not satisfy one of the conditions of the condition warranty above.
  • The series, model product warranty does not match.
  • Customers voluntarily intervened to repair the product or repaired at the service center without the authorization of 365electricalvn.
  • Products damaged due to user error, and the error is not damaged to the extent warranted by the manufacturers.
  • The error caused by the operator, wrong connection, not allow our instructions.
  • The error caused by the wrong power supply, short circuit from outside.
  • The error caused by the weather, natural disasters, insects, chemicals…

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].


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